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Defining our job

Heard a very good talk this week on Green Building by David Eisenberg of DCAT.  While I am waiting for him to ship me his PPT, so I can check out all the sources he shared, it seems an appropriate … Continue reading

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Building instead of bailing….

Doc Searls has a $300 billion idea. Read about it here. Heard Joe Weinman, head of Strategic Sales at AT&T in the spring at Gilder’s Telecosm, and from what he said, that telco is in the cloud space. That conference … Continue reading

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Not too long ago, I mentioned that the local newspaper publisher had instigated a number of lawsuits- with the point that lawsuits was how she was going about publishing. Yesterday’s paper had as its front page above the fold ‘news’ … Continue reading

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Called Shots

I came out and called it for Obama over a month ago.  My investigation of possible polling error led me to conclude that none of the polls are accounting for the unwired youth.  Nobody has taken my offer of a … Continue reading

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Tragic Ignorance

As a parent, I was, like most parents, torn by my children’s travails in school. It was rarely the three ‘R’s that troubled me, although my children certainly had challenges there. The real hard lessons of school are on the … Continue reading

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If Barack Obama’s a socialist, what’s George W. Bush?

The LA Times blog “Countdown to Crawford” asks this question today. There are hundreds of comments. Seems that the Reagonomic socialization of risk, while privatizing profit hasn’t been mentioned yet. Since 1980, there has been a government sponsored, both directly … Continue reading

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Poor use of rich language

Doc Searls led a political wrap up with this Rush Limbaugh quote- ““Would somebody explain to me how it is that you make poor people rich by making rich people poor?” While Rush’s statement is a good turn of words, … Continue reading

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How not What.

Long ago in a past life I learned that what we have isn’t as important as what we do with it. Similarly, what we do isn’t as important as how we go about it. Seems, looking back through the years, … Continue reading

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