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Out of old white man body experience

Just Friday I had one of those disorienting, it can’t be happening, yet I’m present, so it must be, experiences. Maybe it was the fact that we were getting real rain- something that hasn’t happened in mid November around here … Continue reading

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Why can’t we bomb North Korea with fattening foods, and reality TV?

it perplexes me that we, the most prosperous and open society, don’t respond to such aggression with our most powerful and hard to counter assets- stuff. Continue reading

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Are we ashamed yet?

As pointed out by Mona Gable on Huffingtion Post, white people are going to meetings and behaving badly. From comparing our elected representative with Nazis for things they haven’t even suggested, much less done, to having the lack of self … Continue reading

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It doesn’t matter if you are black or white….

Jackson himself manifested and riveted our attention at a scale that rivals a terrorist’s fondest dream. But his talent was that he did it with song, dance and style. That’s power folks. Continue reading

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Breaking windows- changing our thinking to change the world

While we live in the fantasy of Adam Smith’s economics, where externalities are something you don’t pay for, the physical fact is that there is no externality, no ‘downstream’ and no ‘away’ Continue reading

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Nothing Normal Here- Get to work.

Yesterday I attended a ‘wake’ for a house- one of the earliest built back when my county had no code. The adobe blocks that survived the fire will be taken down, hopefully at a demolition party. The solid tiled floors … Continue reading

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Called Shots

I came out and called it for Obama over a month ago.  My investigation of possible polling error led me to conclude that none of the polls are accounting for the unwired youth.  Nobody has taken my offer of a … Continue reading

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