Why can’t we bomb North Korea with fattening foods, and reality TV?

Somewhere between the last ‘biggest recession’, and the current one, we all got to ride a huge wave of prosperity, with more people getting to eat, be warm, and live lives with options and amenities that would have made a medieval king jealous.
Today, there are a bunch of people for whom these are the worst times ever, since they haven’t ever seen any recession..
That would not be the giant banks that drank their own KoolAid, put the developed world on the brink of having to grow our own food, as they have all recovered to produce excellent profits (“fourth best year ever”) in just two years. It wouldn’t be many corporations who just had their “best quarter ever”.
That much of this was accomplished on the backs of the average US taxpayer, and worker, who have not seen wages increase with productivity, much less more hiring, goes without much notice. Life unemployed in the western world surely beats being anybody in say North Korea. Particularly the life of a few artillery soldiers who were the triggermen in the recent bombardment of a South Korean island, which might be lacking certain elements we over here consider basic- Like enough calories for our loved ones; Or cable TV; A good fitting pair of jeans.
So it perplexes me that we, the most prosperous and open society, don’t respond to such aggression with our most powerful and hard to counter assets- stuff and information.
This first occurred to me during the cold war. Why did we build weapons when we could have overwhelmed the communists with Coca Cola and Levis? Why would we shake our rockets at dictators who were just elevated tribal leaders like Khadafy, when we could have conquered him with a moderate flow of refrigerators?
If we have so much- too much, many say- why don’t we use it instead of acting like threatened animals? While Khrushchev once bragged that the USSR would bury us, and that it could be argued that many of us, if you watch the “Hoarders” television shows, are burying ourselves, the opportunity to put our stuff to best use is in using it to undermine leadership that isn’t feeding their own people. Let’s use those B-52s to deliver cheese, tortillas and soft core porn. How about satellite saturation of their airwaves with the shopping channel soundtrack? Enough with killing them with bullets when we can do the same with bad calories and lame entertainment.

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