Way out west in SB County

Last Saturday was the official day of celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a key figure in the acceptance of the Catholic religion by the indigenous people’s of Mexico. Her apparition on Dec 13 1531, just twelve years after the arrival of Cortes is marked by celebrations of rich and poor, all over Mexico. The basilica in Tepayac in her honor is the second most important sanctuary of Catholicism based upon number of visitors ( after the Vatica).

In one of the corners of California, a small town is named Guadalupe. When Route 1 was the only road on the coast, the town was (and remains) ‘the gateway to the dunes’ that are today more associated with the town of Pismo Beach.

The main street is Guadalupe St. ( not Main St.) and it was there in the midst of sporadic downpours and blustery winds that a small band of folk gathered Saturday afternoon at a small shrine to the Virgen constructed by Andy Johnson the same artist who created the Semiramus memorial on the corner of our property.

A nine piece mariachi band serenaded at the shrine until rain forced the crowd into a sheltered porch where hot chocolate and tamales warmed hands and palates for a couple of hours until cold winds brought heavier rains.

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